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Cincy Young Professionals
Cincy Young Professionals

Take a TrYP with Metro

Take a TrYP with Late night Metro Service. Metro buses on a special route will take you to a variety of bars and restaurants throughout Cincinnati. Unlimited “tri*Metro” passes will be available before the event and along the route. Don’t miss out on this fun-filled Metro bar crawl, get it on your calendars now!

More details HERE

If you have an questions about this event please email us via the Contact Us page.

  1. Anne 3 years ago

    My group of friend got 4 tickets for the event on Saturday. Will each person be able to check in at different stops (ie. downtown and Hyde Park) or do we need to coordinate to be at the same initial stop?

    • kaitlyn 3 years ago

      Hello Anne, thanks for getting tickets for the event! Great question. We will need you to coordinate with your group to start at the same stop so that we get everyone checked in correctly!

      Thanks again, see you there at the event!
      -CincyYP Webmaster



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