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Cincy Young Professionals
Cincy Young Professionals

Kaitlyn Kappesser

POSITION: Events Coordinator

O-H! You guessed it, I am yet another Buckeye living in the great Buckeye nation!   During my time at OSU, I was involved in AKPsi, the student activities programming board and many other shenanigans.   Graduating with an accounting major, I quickly became the most outgoing accountant anyone has ever met!  Currently I work in internal audit for one of our top Fortune 500 companies.  Outside of work my passions are for traveling and writing… put the two together and you’ll probably get lots of postcards if I have your mailing address J


What I do for Cincy YP:
…make cool events happen!   I plan anything from happy hours to networking events to getting Metro to drive me and my thousand closest friends to our favorite bars and restaurants!  My organization skills and activator personality combine to make any event you want to happen in Cincinnati come true!


What Cincy YP means to me:
… Cincy YP is my way of making my dream come true that Cincinnati will become the famous city it was meant to be before the Depression and Prohibition hit.   Cincinnati is super cool and has so much potential.   Engaged YPs can make a huge impact on how vibrant the city becomes.   Why can’t Cincinnati be the next big place for YPs?  It’s going to be the coolest city ever someday… just you wait.


Fun Fact:
I’m probably the only girl in the world that doesn’t like chocolate!  I’ll eat candy all day though 🙂

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