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Cincy Young Professionals
Cincy Young Professionals

Janelle Allen

POSITION: Assistant Lead


Born in Cincinnati, I ventured back to this beautiful city in 2007 to work for Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center.  I currently keep busy conducting clinical research trials in the Headache Center and the Center for Child Behavior & Nutrition Research & Training.  I also teach Biology Courses at Miami University.  It is endearing to serve as a leader in the Clinical Research Professionals community and to speak and train on national & international fronts.  I live in Oakley, where I am actively involved within its vibrant community, & typically enjoy hour-long, daily walks throughout the town.


What Cincy YP means to me:

Every strong city needs a platform to connect their young professionals.  Cincy YP is a group that not only helps to join young professionals, but helps to harness their goals & initiatives and provides city-wide exposure to foster their success.  Cincy YP is a group within which one can feel intertwined to the city’s inner fabric and thriving culture.  A place to build professionals and strengthen the heart of our city!


What I do for Cincy YP:

My current role is serving as Membership Director.  I help manage & track our membership and do outreach to major corporations around the tri-state.  My goal is to facilitate a sincere connection among Cincinnati’s Corporate Young Professionals Groups & all young professionals in our general area.  We want young professionals to give their best within their companies and beyond!


What I’m excited about for 2014:

To connect tri-state young professionals to help support initiatives to better Cincinnati.  We have such a great city and so much to offer each other and our corporations!  I am excited to support a firm stage for this network to transform.


Fun Facts:

I love growing exotic plants!  🙂  They are an enigma to me:  beautiful & intriguing!  Music is an honest gem of an accomplished city, having played a variety of instruments, I appreciate the music this city has to offer… in all of its forms.  I also truly enjoy applying ‘my day job’ to help others in the community… to help families with practical solutions to lead happier, healthier lives & to enjoy their time together in this queen of cities!

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